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Saving Bonehead - The Ten Foot Hammerhead Shark.
A Tale of Coral Kingdom Teamwork with Tender Care by Doctor Octopus

Bonehead should have known better.  But what’d you expect from someone named Bonehead?  When curiosity gets the better of one little hammerhead shark it turns into an adventure that teaches him the value of friendship and the importance of listening to his parents.

While swimming in the ocean with his mom and dad, Bonehead can’t resist the urge to check out a mysterious noise on the ocean surface, despite the warning of his parents. The result is an unexpected hit on his head by a giant oil tanker and the loss if two teeth.  The accident lands him in the care of the wise Grandpa Grouper, the kindly octopus Doc Clark and their band of helpful friends in the Coral Kingdom. Everyone helps to free the 800-pound baby from the coral trap and take Bonehead to a beautiful rehab lagoon. Teamwork, problem solving, imagination and individual underwater abilities lead to another happy ending.


The Farmhouse Adventures of Norm The Ninja River Mouse
This action adventure story captures the attention of young chapter book readers 3rd grade to junior high age.(42 pages, 5.5” x 8”, paperback, black and white)

Norm is not your everyday mouse. Donning an acorn for a helmet, a three-inch needle for a sword and diligently studying the ancient art of Ninjitsu. The Farmhouse Adventures of Norm the Ninja River Mouse document the death defying journeys of this anything but typical mouse.

Tired of seemingly daily near death experiences, Norm decides to defend himself and his farmhouse friends from the dastardly owl Morgan. Spying the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on television one day, Norm decides that to stand up for himself he must adopt the stealthy ways of the Ninja.

As Norm battles owls and farmhouse cats, he befriends the most unlikely of creatures: a beautiful silver haired kitten named Kathy. Norm’s story is one of friendship, expounding the power of knowledge, diligence and kindness. Each of Norm’s adventures contains interesting facts on real historical locations, educating readers as to where the famous exploits of Norm actually took place.


Grandpa Grouper book coverGrandpa Grouper – The Fish with Glasses
NABE 2006 - Pinnacle Book Achievement Award-
Best Book Children's Interest Category

A Beautifully Illustrated Underwater Adventure for Children 3-8 Developing Beginning Reading Skills.
(32 pages, 8.5” x 11”, hard bound, full color)

Grandpa Grouper had poor eyesight. He was losing his King of the Coral Reef status when a miracle happened. An ocean traveler leaned over the side of a rubber Zodiac looking for colorful fish. His glasses fell off, wobbled down toward the sea bottom and landed on Grandpa Grouper’s face. Suddenly Grandpa Grouper could see all of the colorful Coral Reef sea life and his friends again. The glasses help him have fun underwater adventures. This first Through the Mask Series title begins with capture by a mini submarine, piloted by Dr. Sylvia Earle, a world-famous underwater explorer. Follow Grandpa Grouper and friends as they escape underwater perils and return to normal life under the sea.


Children learn fish facts.

crabs Crabs have strong claws and cover themselves with sand to catch their food.
angelfish Angelfish have beautiful coloring and they have ribbon-thin fins.
Starfish live on sea bottom coral heads and have five legs with suckers underneath. They can regrow a lost leg. starfish
Eels live in caves, are very strong, and have sharp teeth for grabbing. eals


Each spread has a question for children
to find the answer within the illustration.

book illustrations


Pending Title Chapter Books:

“Norm The Ninja River Mouse Survives Dangerous
Trip To Find His Roots” – 2010 Spring
“Norm The Ninja River Mouse Escapes To America” – 2010 Fall
“Brian The Boston Commons Show-Off Squirrel” – 2010 Winter
“Bucko The Cubby Bear Snowboarder” – 2011


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